Not Quite Almost

Tropicana Remodel Misses the Mark


June 10,  2017 Tropicana Las Vegas

My husband and I had an overnight flight on our trip back from Hawaii. We were to arrive on the mainland on Saturday morning and wanted to eek out the last bit of our vacation. After some discussion, we settled on an overnight in Vegas. My husband had read that the Tropicana had been remodeled. Since Hilton is our brand of choice, we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, it was not up to the typical Hilton standards. While we did not see any active work going on inside the hotel, there is still MUCH to be done. Our room had new carpet, linens and upholstery but the furniture had not only not been updated, it was still scratched and worn. The bathroom had new wallpaper, but the tile surrounding the tub had been refinished (not replaced) and the finish was peeling off in several places, causing the bathroom to feel dirty, although it was not.


Less than their best

While the execution of the remodel was less than optimal, some of the choices fell short as well. The toilet was in a separate room in the bathroom but there was no door. This dramatically decreased the efficiency and could have easily be added. The room did not have the typical room darkening curtains. Rather it had very attractive but not effective plantation shutters. The result is the the room was light at 6am. While not a problem for us, as we were catching an early flight, not what you would want after a late night out. Another odd choice was the piece of furniture that resembled a twin size bed placed in the middle of the space in front of the windows. While my husband did find it good for a nap, it was not conducive to sitting and chatting or watching TV. The only places to sit were the desk chair and the bed.


The troubles did not end in the room. While in no way under Hilton’s control, the bridge from the Tropicana to the MGM was closed. This meant you either had to go across three bridges to get from one to the other, about a 20 minute brisk walk, or go out the side of the Tropicana and cross the street a block off the Strip. We asked about the bridge and were told it had been under construction of almost a year, and there was no date for its completion.

We did like the casino. It was brighter than many of its age and had a good selection of slot machines as well as a $10 craps table. We did not try any of the restaurants but I did notice that Robert Irvine was scheduled to open a restaurant in the next few months.

Overall, while we are loyal to Hilton whenever possible, I don’t envision us staying at the Tropicana again.  On the plus side, because the Tropicana is now a Hilton Hotel property, we used our Hilton Honors points and stayed for a great out of pocket price: $0.00, using 37,000 of our Hilton Honors points.  We maximize our Hilton Honors points by staying in Hilton Hotels whenever possible for business and using a Hilton Rewards American Express card.



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