Kicking Back at Skinny’s


Ask yourself:  what would I do to build the perfect beach dive joint?  Well, I’d have a bar with cheap beer that screams flip flops, shorts, swimsuits and t-shirts.  I’d have outside seating and indoor seating would be screen enclosure seating.  I’d have bartenders who holler out your name when your order is up. Wait time would be measured in beers.  I’d have a grill and a fryer that beckon the olfactory senses from blocks away.  I’d have barstools with no back so when the local dog needs to jump up to assume his eat, he doesn’t need anyone to turn the seat around for him.

Congratulations, you just designed Skinny’s on Holmes Beach, just outside Bradenton Florida.  Situated at the end of Manatee Avenue, Skinny’s has been serving burgers and beers to satisfied beachgoers for decades. It is always our first stop when we arrive on the island. If you notice the burger has a bite out of it. I just couldn’t wait for that yummy goodness.  Just don’t go on Monday; that’s the day they recover and start all over again.  Oh, and bring cash.  Only cash accepted and tips are well-deserved.



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