How to Earn the Most Hilton Honors Points


We all like to get something for free. Bonus programs, loyalty cards, and coupons are big business. However most of us don’t do the simple things that can multiply our rewards many times over. Until recently, I was guilty of that. I admit it. I don’t read ads, paper or email. Most of the time that isn’t a big deal but in the case of your loyalty programs it can make a huge difference. Reading the emails and promotions can help you earn the most Hilton Honors Points without changing anything you do. The first thing you need to do is join the program. To join and find out about all the valuable promotions follow this link  Hilton

Check your promotions to earn the most Hilton Honor Points

A few months ago, I saw an ad on Facebook. Sign up for Double Points on any stays at Hilton through July 1. Sadly we had just returned from a trip so I had missed out on those points, but I went to the Hilton website and signed up anyway. We had one more trip scheduled and I didn’t want to miss out again. It must have been my lucky day because Hilton extended the offer through September 9th. We have a Hilton American Express Card (check out the post on Hilton American Express Cards) so I checked and there was a double points offer on my card as well. At this point I was earning 3 times the points for each stay in August. I have now started setting aside one day at the beginning of each month to check available promotions on my various rewards programs. It is time much better spent than scrolling Pinterest or Facebook. 

Increase your status to earn the most Hilton Honor Points

Hilton rewards loyalty. We are Hilton Diamond members. We earned this status because of our Hilton Grand Vacation Club points but you can achieve it through stays or with The Hilton Aspire American Express Card, check out that credit card post. This means that we get double points, 100% reward, each time we stay at a Hilton. Silver level members receive 20% and Gold receive 80%. There are many other benefits of being a Gold or Diamond status Hilton Honors Member. Check out the post on the benefits of each tier. 

Hilton Hotel brand loyalty to earn the most Hilton Honors points
Hilton Hotel brand loyalty to earn the most Hilton Honors points
Hilton Hotel brand loyalty to earn the most Hilton Honors points

Pay attention to the Hilton Brand to earn the most Hilton Honor Points

You are awarded bonus points each time you stay at a Hilton Hotel. The different brands reward different numbers of points and sometimes you choose between the points and a complimentary breakfast or bottled water and a snack at check in. 

The more expensive hotels (Conrad, Curio, Hilton, Double Tree, Tapestry, Canopy, and Embassy Suites) award 1000 points per stay. Hilton Garden Inn awards 750 points OR a complimentary breakfast. Hampton Inn, Tru, Homewood Suites, and Home2Suites award 250 OR snack and bottled water. I stay at Hilton Hotels exclusively and never realized that when that sweet desk clerk said “Would you like to choose a snack to go with your bottle of water?” that I was giving up points. It literally pays to read the details of your loyalty programs. Also Tru and Home2Suites awards for stays are half that of the other hotels. (example if I stayed at either of those brands rather than a 100% award I would get 50% so a $200 stay would give 3000 points not 4000 points)

Milestone Bonuses – a new way to earn the most Hilton Honors Points

As a new incentive to encourage loyalty, Hilton will award you 10,000 bonus points for every 10 nights starting at 40 nights. Once you reach 60 nights you get an additional 30,000 points! Now I know we all wish we could vacation 60 nights a year but few of us can. You can however really increase both your points and your status if you remember to stay at Hiltons when you travel for business. If your company books your trips for you, check to see if they will allow you to choose your hotel. It is a little thing that can really add up!

Rollover Nights Make it Easier to earn the most Hilton Honors Points

Hilton has a new promotion that makes it easier to increase your status which increases your rewards. It is called Rollover Nights. This is a REAL game changer. Once you have enough nights to maintain your current status (Silver 10, Gold 40, and Diamond 60) any additional nights can be rolled over to the following year to help you achieve a higher status. Like a lot of promotions, I needed to think about this one. Here are some examples that I hope will make it clearer. If you are a Silver Member, you have 10 nights, but end the year with 30 nights, 20 nights will rollover to the next year and give you a jump start on reaching Gold status. Best of all, you don’t have to sign up for anything and both paid and reward stays count toward rollover nights. 

I have been a loyal Hilton customer for a long time but these rewards are real incentives to keep me that way. Hilton is making it easy to earn the most Hilton Honors points for each stay. 


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