HGVC Kings’ Land vs Bay Club – Better Value for Your Points

We LOVE Hawaii and we LOVE our HGVC (Hilton Grand Vacation Club) points. While we have 28,600 points per year, making us Elite Plus members, we still try to use our points as economically as possible. We bought them because we want to travel and we stretch them as much as we can. When we took our first trip to the Big Island, our point budget was under 7,000 per year so, when we planned our trip to Hawaii we chose the Bay Club. It is about half the number of points as Kings’ Land. We have stayed at the Bay Club 4 times so, for this trip we thought we would splurge and try Kings’ Land. A few things factored in to our decision. One, the last time we were at the Bay Club, the grills were in awful condition. They actually singed my husband’s eye brows. Two, we were bringing our grandkids and Kings’ Land has a REALLY nice pool. Three,  we had never stayed there before and I wanted to give it a try. Having stayed at both,  here is my opinion of HGVC Kings’ Land vs Bay Club and which is the better value for your points.

Overall Layout

The living and dining area in a Kings' Land 2 bedroom condo
Kings’ Land

We stayed in a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo at both resorts. The condo at King’s Land was 1269 sq ft. The overall layout was a rectangle with the door and 2nd bedroom window on one end and the master bedroom window and sliding glass door on the other. The living area and master bedroom had plenty of light but the 2nd bedroom was dark unless you opened the panel window coverings.

Living Room in a 2 bedroom Bay Club Condo
Bay Club

The Bay Club Condo was 1482 sq ft and had a HUGE porch/balcony that ran the entire length of the condo and wrapped around one end. The second bedroom had a slider that opened up onto the balcony and provided light to the room. Also, since this door opened onto the unit’s lanai there was plenty of privacy. The configuration of the condos creates short walkways to your door so no one walks directly past your unit.

For us, Bay Club wins this round in the battle of HGVC Kings’ Land vs Bay Club.

Kitchen, Laundry, Dining and Living Area

Kitchen and Dining Area at HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
Living Area at HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
Charger for Multiple Devices at HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
The living and dining area in a Kings' Land 2 bedroom condo
Kings’ Land

The kitchen, dining and living area are all one big rectangle at Kings’ Land. The kitchen occupies one end and half of a wall. Upper cabinets for storage are only on the end and the shelves in cabinet next to the wall are impossible for anyone under 6 feet tall to reach. The dining table is set in the open area of the remainder of that end. The laundry is located in the front hall outside the 2nd bath. The other end of the rectangle is the living area.  It has one chair, one sleeper sofa, two ottomans an end table and a coffee table. There is a cabinet under the wall mounted TV. HGVC did include a thoughtful feature. There is a charger of several different types of devices on the end table in the living room. If you happened to forget your charger, this would be a life saver.   Three people can sit comfortably in this area. If you need more seats, you can pull a table chair over but at that point the area begins to get crowded. For a condo that sleeps up to six, in my opinion the seating area is small but it is Hawaii and you don’t spend that much time indoors.

Dining area with table for 6 in 2 bedroom condo at Bay Club
Kitchen in 2 bedroom Bay Club condo
Living Room in a 2 bedroom Bay Club Condo
Bay Club

At the Bay Club, the kitchen is a separate room with a large pass through window into the dining area. The side with the pass through has a sink, upper and lower cabinets, and a dishwasher. The other wall has the range, the refrigerator, and more storage. There is a door at the end that opens onto a small laundry area. The living and dining area is a large rectangle. The dining table is located in the area in front of the pass through. The table seats six and has plenty of walking space surrounding it. The living area occupies the rest of the space. It has two chairs, a sofa, coffee table and entertainment unit. The lanai opens off the living area so there is a sliding glass door and windows to provide LOTS of light.

For us, Bay Club again wins this round in the battle of HGVC Kings’ Land vs Bay Club.

Master Bedroom and Bath

Master Bedroom HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
Lattice Panels to separate bath and bedroom HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
Soaker tub and Glass Shower Master Bath Kings' Land Big Island
Double vanities Master Bath HGVC Kingsland Big Island
Kings’ Land

The master bedroom and bath open off the living area. The bedroom has a king sized bed, two bedside tables, a dresser and a closet. The room is spacious and  well lit thanks to the window on one wall. The bathroom is HUGE!!!!! It occupies the entire other end of the room. If you cherish your privacy, this is NOT the bathroom for you. It is open to the bedroom with lattice panels to pull across the opening should you choose to. There is a soaker tub, a separate shower with glass enclosure, a toilet area enclosed by frosted glass and a double vanity. While this room definitely has the WOW factor working, I would have preferred the extra square footage in either the living area or the porch.

Master Bedroom in 2 bedroom Bay Club condo
Master Bath 2 bedroom Bay Club condo
Bay Club

The master bedroom and bath open off the dining area. The bedroom is furnished like Kings’ Land with a king sized bed, two bedside tables and a dresser. The closet however is much larger than Kings’ Land and there is an open shelving area as you enter the bathroom. We were able to store all our luggage in these two areas. The bathroom has a double vanity in a hall like space that opens into a tub and separate shower. The toilet is in a small room next to the tub area. It has a solid door affording privacy should someone else want a shower or to brush their teeth.

Once again, the Bay Club wins this round in our opinion.

2nd Bedroom and Bath

2nd Bedroom HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
Window Panels 2nd Bedroom HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
Kings’ Land

As I mentioned in the overall layout, the 2nd bedroom is at the front of the unit. Its doorway is 5 feet from the entrance to the condo and its windows open onto the walkway used to access all the units. This does not afford much privacy and noise can be an issue, both of other guests going to their units or as other members of your party come and go. Also, since that window looks out on the walkway to other condos, there is a not much privacy with the panels open and the room can be dark with them closed. The 2nd bedroom had 2 double beds, a bedside table and a large wall unit for storage and the TV. While adequate, there was not much extra space. The bathroom for this bedroom was across the hall. It has a single sink, stand up shower and toilet all in one room. It is spacious and more than adequate.

Second Bedroom HGVC Bay Club Big Island
Second Bathroom at HGVC Bay Club Big Island
Bay Club

The only substantive differences between the 2nd bedroom and bath at Kings’ Land and at Bay Club is location and light. The 2nd bedroom and bath at the Bay Club are off a short hallway to the left as you enter the unit. The fact that they are on their own hall offers some privacy even though the bathroom is separate from the unit. The furnishings are nearly the same, 2 double beds, 2 bedside table, dresser, TV and closet. The bedroom at Bay Club however has a slider that opens onto a semi private area of the lanai. This provides great light and a sense of extra space.

The Bay Club is the winner AGAIN.

Outdoor Space both Private and General

View from the Balcony HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
Local Pool HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
Love Seat on Balcony at HGVC Kings' Land Big Island
Kings’ Land

Here is where the differences between the two resorts really start to show. The balcony off the unit at Kings’ Land is SMALL. It has a love seat, coffee table and chair. While it is adequate for morning coffee or evening cocktails, there is not enough room to eat outside. The view is either of the golf course or the grounds around the resort. Neither Kings’ Land nor Bay Club offer water views. ( Ocean Tower opening at the end of the year will offer stunning water views. No word on points yet.) Both resorts have grills and local pools throughout. According to my husband, the grills at Kings’ Land are top of the line. The smaller pools are well landscaped and attractive. Here is the BIG difference. Kings’ Land has a 20,000 square foot pool featuring 4 slides, an adults only area, a children’s beach (sandy area with shallow water) along with hot tubs. Adjoining the pool area is Bistro Restaurant and pool bar. You could definitely spend a day or two at this pool.

Clouds over Mauna Kea At HGVC Bay Club Big Island
Private Balcony area of 2nd bedroom HGVC Bay Club Big Island
Huge Balcony with Table and Chairs for 4 at HGVC Bay Club Big Island
Bay Club

As I have mentioned the balcony/lanai at the Bay Club is HUGE! There are two lounge chairs, a table with 4 chairs and tons of space. Kids can play out here and you still have room to sit and chat. The views are either of the grounds or of the volcanoes (not the erupting one). I love to sit and watch the clouds as they shred when they hit the top of the volcanoes. These resorts are on the dry side of the island so watching the clouds is actually pretty cool. Bay Club has 2 pools, some tennis courts and grill areas. As I mentioned earlier, the grills are marginal at best. The pools are about the size of the local pools at Kings’ Land. You do have access to a pool with a small slide and a bar at the registration center. Focus here however, on the word SMALL. I would say the bar area is 1/10th the size of Kings’ Land.

This round has to go to Kings’ Land EXCEPT for the Bay Club balconies.

Overall Impressions

HGVC King’s Land vs Bay Club – Better Value for Your Points
Winner is Bay Club!!!!!

If you are coming to Hawaii to venture out and about on the island, Bay Club is the absolute winner. The condos are more spacious, the balconies are far superior and the units afford more privacy for the guests. Top that off with the fact that it is half the points of Kings’ Land and for us Bay Club is the hands down winner. If you are coming to Hawaii and want to lounge by the pool, play some golf and not venture too far from the resort then the amenities at Kings’ Land may appeal to you. Either way, the Big Island of Hawaii remains one of our favorite places on the planet. You can’t go wrong with a visit.





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